Ways to help even the youngest kids celebrate Martin Luther King Day

1.  Read a book about MLK Reading stories to kids can be a great way for them to learn about King’s life and work. Children’s books, like “ My Brother Martin ” by Christine King Farris or “ I Am Brave: A Little Book about Martin Luther King, Jr. ” by Brad Meltzer, that are geared toward readers as young as 2 years old can be thoughtful and educational explainers for little minds. For more Martin Luther King Jr. Day reading recommendations, check out the  Scholastic MLK picture book roundup , their list of  MLK books for early readers  or their  MLK books for ages 10 and up . 2.  Watch a film on MLK  Jr. Check your streaming services (fees may apply )  for films on MLK, his work and his life, including: “King in the Wilderness” (2018) – Watch it on  HBO Max . “ I Am MLK Jr.” (2018) –  Watch it on  Amazon Prime Video. “I Am Not Your Negro” (2017) – Watch it on  Netflix . “Selma” (2014) – Watch it on  Amazon Prime Video .  “Boycott” (2001) – Watch it on  HBO Max  or  Amazon Prime Video .

The Process of Conducting a Drive

  Every holiday season, we host drives to give underprivileged students something to look forward to during these traditionally joyous times. Every drive that we host is done so with utmost care, and with the intention of receiving as many school supplies as possible, from as many households as possible. To collect supplies in the most effective manner, we have developed a _ step process for every drive we conduct: First, we design flyers that incorporate the holiday theme, explain our organization in a concise manner, describe the supplies that we are requesting, and illustrate the manner in which we will be collecting the supplies. Usually, we ask for people to put their excess supplies in a bag, attach a tag that was included with the flyer to the bag, and put the bag out on their front porch on their designated collection day. After handing out the flyers, we constantly monitor our support email for any problems or questions that recipients of the flyer may have in regards to

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